What does the Thoughtful Schools Program include?

The Trauma-Informed Practice Principles for Schools (TIPPS) Self-Assessment and Planning Tool

The TIPPS are ‘good-practice’ principles for trauma-informed practice in schools. Derived from 20 existing trauma programs available internationally, and revised and finalised in consultation with international experts, the TIPPS aim to assist schools to become trauma-informed. There are four over-arching and ten practice Principles. The Self-Assessment and Planning Tool enables schools to identify which Principles they are achieving well, and those which they need to work to improve. The Tool can also assist schools to assess their progress in becoming trauma-informed.

Evidence-based support strategies

Our review of the literature has identified strategies that may assist schools to become trauma-informed. These strategies have been aligned with each Principle to assist schools with their planning in response to their checklist priority principles. In addition to providing the strategies, we also provide the evidence to the strategy; this may assist school staff to inform their community about their chosen approach, seek funding for programs or work towards a shared understanding of practices and policies.

Professional development and coaching

We encourage schools to identify support coaches and professional development opportunities to assist them to develop a plan and work towards becoming trauma-informed. We can assist schools to source support, or we can provide expert trauma-informed professional development and coaching at a small cost.